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About Sensational Solutions

Our goal at Sensational Solutions is to provide small-scale agriculture and urban farmers with the highest quality fertilizers while reducing the impact of farming on the environment. The micronization process breaks down fertilizers into very fine particles and removes water, concentrating the nutrients and microorganisms and making our fertilizers effective at much lower application rates than traditional fertilizers. The increase in surface area allows microorganisms to more rapidly work to metabolize materials, making nutrients readily available to plants. They easily go into suspension, allowing them to be applied with most emitters and sprayers without clogging, and reducing the labor required for fertilization. 

Hydro-Organic Methods

Micronized fertilizers make it easy for hydroponic gardeners to transition into organic gardening. They are ideal for hydro-organics, because they readily go into suspension with the use of airstones or circulation pumps. Even the most dedicated hydroponic gardeners will be impressed with the quick results they see from micronized fertilizers. Whether you are new to gardening, an experienced organic farmer, or a hydroponic farmer willing to try something new, we are confident that once you try our micronized products, you will never go back to traditional fertilizers again.

Eco-Friendly Commitment

Water makes up a large percentage of traditional fertilizers, making them heavy to ship and hard to store. Large bags are often left outdoors in the elements, where the sun and rain reduce the microbial life and nutrient content of the fertilizers. Since micronized fertilizers have very low water content, they can be stored and used much longer than traditional fertilizers. In their concentrated form, micronized fertilizers require less packaging, reducing waste and making them easier to handle and store, which is especially important for urban farmers with limited space. Shipping of micronized fertilizers is more efficient, reducing their carbon footprint compared to traditional fertilizers. 


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