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PO Box 88, Cutten, CA 95534


Phone: 707-443-1877

Fax: 866-200-2513

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If you have questions about our products or would like to inquire about larger volumes or custom blends, please contact us at or fill out the form below.


Also, check out the Frequently Asked Questions section at the bottom of this page to see if your question has already been answered.


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Find Us In Stores

Following is a list of stores where you can find Sensational Solutions products on the shelves.
If you don't see your favorite place to shop on the list, ask them to contact us.


Vital Garden Supply - Nevada City, CA

Forever Flowering Greenhouses - Grass Valley, CA

Northcoast Horticulture Supply - McKinleyville, CA


Beneficial Living Center - Arcata, CA

Bayside Garden Supply - Eureka, CA


Humboldt Hydroponics - Eureka, CA


Northcoast Horticulture Supply - Fortuna, CA


Pierson's Building Center - Eureka, CA


Sylvandale Gardens - Redway, CA

Redway Feed & Garden - Redway, CA


Mendocino Greenhouse and Garden Supply - Redwood Valley, CA


Evergreen Farm, Feed and Garden - Weaverville, CA

Route 101 Nursery - Rio Dell and Garberville, CA

Calaveras Garden Supply - San Andreas, CA

You can also purchase our products online from the following retailers.


Bare Roots Hydroponic & Organic Supply - Redding, CA


Golden Valley Hydroponics - Yuba City, CA


Greenfire Hydro - Chico, CA


Sweetland Garden Supply - North San Juan, CA


Hydro Pacific - Ukiah, CA


Samurai Grower Supply - Albany, OR


Emerald Valley Gardens - Eugene, OR

Grow Generation - Santa Cruz, CA

Grow Generation - Arcata, CA

Deep Roots- Seabastabol, CA


Grow Active Solutions - St.Louis, MO


Oahu Garden Supply - Oahu HI

Frequently Asked Questions

We will add questions/answers to this page regularly, but if you have another question or require further clarification, we invite you to reach out to us using the form provided above.


Why don't you list your

microbial species on the back of the packages?


Can I use Sensational Solutions' fertilizers as a soil amendment?

Natural microbial communities are constantly changing to adapt to their environment. The numbers of each type of microbe in the community depend on factors such as food availability and signals from other microbes present. These dynamic microbial communities are nature’s way of ensuring that the cycle of getting food from decaying matter to microbes to plants works efficiently. Our products rely on the natural microbial communities present in the ingredients that go into them. We do not add lab cultured microbial species to our fertilizers, because we don’t need them. Since natural microbial communities are variable, we feel that listing the species with percentages on the back of the package could be misleading.

Yes, you can mix our fertilizers into soil before planting, or you can top-dress by sprinkling fertilizers on top of soil around plant base.


Does Tranzition contain Paclobutrazol?

No. tested and confirmed by CDFA.  Our blend was designed to utilize natural occurring hormones which encourage squat but explosive growth.


Do you add salts to your Go Green and Blissful Bloom?

Heading 1

No. All the nutrients in our products come from natural ingredients.


Do you have to brew the Micronized Compost Tea or other products?

No. All of our products (tea included) have been designed and tested for immediate use. Aerobically brewing the tea does increase the numbers of microorganisms present in the solution. This allows you to use less of the tea than you would use if you were making a solution to water in immediately. Whether or not you brew the tea, the microorganisms will continue to grow and multiple once added to soil.

Can we ship international?

Yes! We can ship any size anywhere in the world. 

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